At Pepcopp we provide eco-friendly and highly effective post construction termite control services to our clients on their various sites & places. Our offered services include inspection, monitoring and implementation of effective anti-termite treatment as per the condition. We offer budget friendly & guaranteed treatment to make the area completely free from termites.



Termites also known as white ants; lives in colonies consists of Queen, King, Few Soldiers & large number of workers. Queen controls the colony through chemical stimulus, she can lay more than 10,000 eggs in a week. King supports queen in reproduction. Both king & queen live in anti chamber. Soldiers protect the colony & workers collect the food & feed the colony. Muddy channels & colony structure repairing is done by workers. They are blind & work for 24 hours. The infestations caused by the termites are huge like storm, cyclone, fire, flood etc. They can damage any structure in search of material containing cellulose like wood, paper & cloths.

If mud tubes are seen in building, wooden structure there will be the problem of termite in that structure. Sometimes infestation will be done to internal structure but we can’t detect it, muddy channels are also not seen. The structure gets totally infested & we can’t do anything after the damage of structure. So to avoid the undetectable infestation treating the premises against termite is very important.

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment- (Treatment for ready structure)

The Treatment is done by drilling at wall & floor junction as required, filling the holes with anti termite chemical & sealing the holes with cement. If muddy channels are present, channels are also treated with anti termite chemical.

Anti Termite Treatment - Covers Subterranean Termites

  • For Inside Premises :
  • The inside premises is drilled with 12mm diameter drill having 6 inch length, the drilling is done to the effective depth of 4 to 5 inches. The drilled holes are filled with anti termite chemical and the holes are sealed with cement. Then the muddy channels made by termite are sprayed to kill the live termite inside the muddy channel and after that the channels are removed and the minute hole from where the termites enters in to the premises are injected with the anti termite chemical.

  • For Outside premises :
  • The outside wall of the building, columns are drilled with the drill bit having 12 inch length & 12 mm diameter to the depth of 1 ft. If the building is stilt plus, the side corners of the columns are drilled and the holes are filled with anti termite chemical. If the mud tubes are seen, the channels are treated with anti termite chemical and then removed. All stair case, passage area and all other common portion are drilled and filled with anti termite chemical and sealed with cement.

    After initial drilling procedure, check-up service is done on quarterly basis.