We are an expert pest control company situated in Andheri which have expertise in providing highly effective cockroach control services to any premises in Andheri & its surroundings including Mumbai etc.


Cockroach Control In Andheri

Cockroaches are a kind of species who like dark areas and humidity to live. They eat anything like human food, paper, wood, toothpaste, leather, cigarettes, soap etc. They also have 3 stages of lifecycle like other species. These three stages are egg, nymph and adult. Every cockroaches start as eggs, which hatch into nymphs and after that grow into adults. This all stages occurs during some interval of time.

There are many ways by which cockroaches enter in our home such as cracks, sewer and drain pipes etc. Sometimes they also come through various products such as bags, boxes, purses etc. brought from the outside.

Cockroaches are considered as a big threat to houses, since they contaminate food and also destroy surface of many other house hold products. Pepcopp is well established company in the market who offers high level of cockroach control services in Andheri as well as in Mumbai etc.

Why required cockroach pest control service?

Cockroaches can create many diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea and many more by carrying bacteria from various places. These bacteria which cause the above mentioned diseases are carried on the bodies of cockroaches while moving here and there. Cockroaches can also produce asthmatic reactions.

Cockroaches are very rapid breeders. In just a few weeks they can grow very large in numbers spreading rapidly. Cockroaches destroy papers & fabric in home, office or residential area. Hence a quality cockroach control service can make your surroundings healthy & energetic which really helps in your personal growth or in businesses.

Control Method:

We as an expert cockroach pest control Company in Andheri, apply latest gel treatment to control the repellent cockroach and ants. It is very effective & safe treatment which can also be done very quickly.In this you need not to empty your drawers and even go outside from the home during the treatment since the gel has no smell. Our expert people will apply the gel to sensitive places like cabinet, drawers, electrical control boxes and also in kitchen appliances.

Gel contains edible product attracted by the cockroaches. Once some cockroaches eat it and contaminate with other cockroaches then gel creates cascading effect on all cockroaches. This creates suppression on cockroaches. After that nearly 75-80% cockroaches die immediately around one week. Rest of the cockroaches can also be controlled in few weeks.